The Meaza Group

With more than 2 reputed decades in the events industry, The Meaza Group is made of multi-divisional companies, to bring forth events in Kuwait and across the MENA region, with innovation, collaboration, integration and harmony.

Special Events

At Special Events, we…
shape exhilarating events
for engaging experiences
through innovative solutions
and proactive management


Here to provide full-fledge journeys of intricate execution, dedicated on-site support and efficient coordination; through strategic approaches and creative ideation.
The team operates on a wide-range of advanced, diversified, yet affordable equipment; and presents local or international aspirational performances to achieve spectacular and beyond conventional outcomes.


Cubix Production House

Cubix comprises of experts in
the field of producing bespoke
interior and exterior set-ups
for activations, exhibitions
and retail stores


Every project is handled with meticulous customization to fit the designated space, deliver the required objectives and cater to the required target audience.
On the production front, designs are executed with utmost precision; deployment, installation, maintenance and dismantling processes are pragmatic. Recycling and eco-friendliness are prioritized whenever feasible.


Funzone - Children Entertainment

Funzone is all about children
entertainment and carnivals
with a sole purpose of upbringing
exceptional fun-in-harmony
to parties and gatherings


Turn your imagination into reality. Transform your venue into a playground, a wonderland, a marvel, a battlefield, a waterpark, a snow-dome and what’s in between…
Fun-filled activities, captivating performances and tailor-made makeovers; packed together by dynamic fun-makers. Get ready for an exclusively memorable all-ages energizing party!


The Rental Company

The Rental Company is Kuwait’s
first and most reputed furniture
rental provider. Curating
a wide range of sophisticated
and glamorous set-ups


his extensive line of items meet the needs of classic, retro, contemporary and modern styles that fits social and corporate events.
From exhibitions, conferences, open-days, gatherings, parties, birthdays, iftars and suhoors to weddings. It is continually renewable to cope with today’s fast paced trends and various likes.


Color Index

At Color Index, every detail
and every layer matters.
A go-to source for impeccable
high grade printing,
delivering candid impressions


When it comes to installation, the team’s thorough culmination ensures the smallest of graphical details
are in place. Where visuals are worth thousands
of pixels, ones that come together gracefully to reflect the brand’s standards, incentivize with the right message and leave an expressive mark for remembrance.


Kuwait Camp

KCAMP is a fun, friendly
and fantastic summer camp
that continually engages children
in creative, physical
and cognitive activities


With almost 20 years of experience in making unforgettable summer adventures, an enthusiastic team of young-hearted individuals come together to inspire and cultivate an inclusive culture that promotes self-esteem, teamwork, trust, creativity and so much fun! Each diverse recreational and entertaining activity is mindfully selected and planned for every child’s development in a safe and respectable environment.



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Giving Back

It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.
– Albert Einstein –

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